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Discover how this ladies weight-loss expert has helped thousands of Women strip away all their unwanted weight, and then gets them in the best shape of their lives……

About BodyShape

At BodyShape Fitness Bootcamp you Can Say ‘Goodbye’ To Unwanted Belly Fat; And ‘Hello’ To Firmer Arms, Thighs and Butt…

You Will Find Fitting Into Those Sexy Clothes Once And For All A Breeze, And Be Able To Look In The Mirror And Think ‘WOW’.

Are you fed up with having no confidence, and being constantly worried about your body?

Does the thought of wearing that ‘little black dress’, or getting ready for a romantic night out make you dread getting done up?

Are you tired of having to wear the same baggy clothes because you hate going shopping?

Have you tried every diet under the sun, and ‘weight loss company’ out there – only to find that you’re getting no results?

Do you hate the summer months; when the thought of hitting the beach makes you feel very paranoid?

Is there a constantly worry about how you look if someone takes your photo at a family event, or social gathering?

If you’re tired of doing endless boring exercises in the gym, have tried the different weight loss gimmicks and you’re not getting the results you want – then Bodyshape Fitness Indoor Bootcamp will change all this for you…


About Me

My name is Garrie O’Neill, and I have been working in the fitness industry for over 18 years. I have seen hundreds of people unable to reach their goals due to the way they train, and the fad diets that they have followed – none of which are their fault as they have been told the wrong things to do.Which I have to say was frustrating to watch.

Imagine putting all that effort in only to see very little or no results? Does this sound like you? Let me tell you this can all change. You too can see the very same results as the people below, using the very proven methods, and simple nutrition advice at BodyShape Fitness Bootcamp. I’m going to tell you what the fitness industry doesn’t want you to know such as:

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    Lifting weights is VERY beneficial to women as much as it is for men.
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    You DO NOT have to keep the pace slow to moderate.
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    You DO NOT have to follow strict FAD diets.
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    High Intensity Interval Training and lifting weights is the FASTEST way to get results FACT!

The Reason I know this, is that I have been applying the same methods in my indoor Bootcamps and with my clients for years with MASSIVE RESULTS

Do You Feel Like You Are On Your Own, And Have No Support In Achieving Your Goals?

We find that one of the most important aspects of bootcamp is the support structure we have put in place. This includes full access to our private group on Facebook, 24/7 access to the team via emails, and if needed, phone calls.

That, and you have the support of everyone else in the group who is going through exactly the same emotions whilst on the same journey as you. We find that when clients do not have the support behind them, it is much easier to give up than it is to succeed.

Are You Still Doing Countless Hours Of Boring Cardio And Still Save Jelly Legs, Bingo Wings And Saggy Bum?

One of the least effective forms of training for fat loss, is hours of boring steady state cardio.

Yes you will burn some calories, but the after effects of the training only last a few hours – unlike our proven formula for achieving super charged results. In just a short period of time using resistance training your body will be still feeling the effects, and still be burning extra calories – for up to 36 hours after the session.

Here At Bodyshape Fitness Indoor Bootcamp We Guarantee You:

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    You will be able to lose a dress size in 28days. *
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    Nutritional advice that is easy and simple to follow.
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    High energy and FUN workouts.
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    Highly trained and motivated staff.
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    Increased energy.
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    Toned Muscles.
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    More confidence in your appearance.
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    Increased libido.
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    No more sleepless nights due to stress about your weight.

* Results may vary from person to person

Just Wait And Think About It For A Moment…

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    No more boring cardio *
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    No more unrealistic Fad diets
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    Faster Results
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    Feel and look so much better
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    No more out of control hormones

* Results may vary from person to person

Don’t Let The Next 12 Months Be The Same As Your Last 12 Months.

Make The Change NOW, And See The Difference In Just A Matter Of Weeks At BodyShape Fitness Indoor Bootcamp…

What Some Of Our Clients Said

I would recommend Bodyshape Fitness Bootcamp to everyone

I would like to share my journey so far, I’ve been doing bootcamp since the end of July, I began just after I had baby number 2 within 13 months of my 1st. So I really needed to get back into training and fitness as I hadn’t done anything in couple of years. I got the 14 starter pack for myself and my sister as birthday presents and within two classes we were hooked. The classes are so diverse and challenging, our trainer Martin (Swords location) is such a nice guy, he really focuses, pushes and ensures we are all doing the exercises correctly each and every time and makes the class fun. They also offer nutrition plans for all members, following macros counting calories/fats/carbs and protein. At first it was a little confusing and time consuming as I never really ever followed diet plans, but after 2/3 weeks and Garrie’s videos and talks, it became so easy to track my macro intake. I began by weighing myself each week but didn’t really see much come off the scales. I was so disappointed but then within 5/6 weeks even my family and friends started to notice my body shape changing for the better, I was delighted! I would recommend Bodyshape Fitness Bootcamp to everyone, I’ve done other type of classes in the past but Bodyshape Fitness Bootcamp is by far the best!! Sincere THANKS to all the team for helping me to get back into fitness in such a fun yet challenging way!


I HIGHLY recommend BSBC

I decided to do Body Shape Fitness Bootcamp 28 Day Transformation in February. I had a baby 4 months before I started it and I wanted to lose the baby weight. I hated how I looked and I wanted to get healthy and fit again. Oh also I am getting married in October and want to feel amazing! A friend of mine recommended Bodyshape Fitness Bootcamp as she had previously done it and I saw her amazing results. I found the change in lifestyle and the eating habits hard for the first week, but the support I got from the private facebook group encouraged me to carry on. The information on the nutrition was great and made me think about food in a new light. It completely re-educated me and with the bootcamps I attended, I managed to get fit. The classes are only 45mins which is perfect (I thought I was going to die at times) I lost 13lbs, 4.4% body fat and 11 inches off my body in the first 28 Day challenge. I was over the moon but realised I still had more to go. I tried to carry on and ‘Challenge’ myself at home but I just couldn’t manage it. I decided to do another 28 Day Transformation in May. Due to my work schedule and looking after a baby I couldn’t manage to attend the bootcamps. Tara suggested that I do the transformation from Home. I was delighted I could do this as I really only needed the online support group. I found it just as hard but also pushed myself doing the home workouts as if I was actually at a bootcamp. My results proved how hard I worked. I was completely shocked! I lost 13.5lbs, 22 Inches off my body and 4% Body Fat. In total in only 2 transformations, I have managed to lose 26.5lbs (almost 2 stone), 33 Inches off my body and 8.4% Body fat. I never thought I would achieve these results. The transformation for me was the hardest thing I have done, but the best thing I have ever done. It showed me how much control I can actually have over my body and thought me so much about food that I didn’t know. If you are unhappy with your body, whether it is to lose weight or just tone up, I HIGHLY recommend BSBC. I promise you that with your hard work, determination and motivation from this group – you too can achieve your goal. I am now lighter than before I had the baby but I am continuing with BSBC to tone up.


You and your team are truly changing lives

Until 28 days ago, I had convinced myself that I could no longer change my body for the better. With a history of eating disorders in my early twenties and a useless thyroid leaving my body in a seemingly permanent huff with me, I thought I just about knew how to eat and exercise to just about maintain my weight (cardio only, how uneducated I was!) but had been hugely frustrated by the lack of change in shape. I can honestly say that over the last month I’ve eaten more food on a daily basis than I ever have before and I’ve loved every mouth full. I will admit that it went totally against my nature to begin with, but even after a few days I started to feel SO much better. I haven’t had coffee for twenty eight days now. This is a miracle an absolute miracle for me and what’s even better is that I don’t feel any desire to start again!When I got my results I drove away with a few tears of happiness, relief and a sense of a new beginning. I can’t put into words what the whole team have done for me in terms of mindset, confidence and my ability to be nice to myself which has been sadly lacking for a long, long time. A photo of me in a bikini is an odd thing for me to look at, but I just couldn’t believe it when I looked at the two pictures next to each other. I’m off to the UK for the next ten days but my eight year old has already offered to take on the role of bootcamp instructor! With everything I’ve learned from you and the team during my eight fantastic classes last month I know I can push myself hard during my trip. You and your team are truly changing lives and I can’t thank you enough for how much you’ve changed mine, physically and mentally, in one short month. Can’t wait for the next step


Thank you for the fitness and the support.

I joined BSF over 6 weeks ago and I was a nervous wreck joining. I hadn’t exercised in years as I suffer with a sore hip since my last pregnancy and after a bad fall. I had been attending physio, forking out money every week and didn’t seem to be getting any better.So when I saw the ad on Facebook I thought I will try and brought my sister-in-law for support. It’s tough but I love it and the feeling afterwards is amazing.I returned tonight after a week off due to flu and I was dreading it again but I got through it and surprised myself. If you were to ask me 6 weeks ago could I do a push up, my answer would be NO. Now I can do push ups and so much more and guess what I love it. Even when I got sick the first night I missed it and my husband had to force me to stay at home!!!As for Jay he is brilliant, a fantastic support and motivator. The time flies by but its great. I go in sometimes saying how will I get through this? and I do! Lisa my sister in law loves it too. Oh yes the hip has improved so so much since I started bootcamp so it’s been a win win situation with that so it can only get better. Thank you for the fitness and the support.


I’m happy when I look in the mirror

I first joined Bodyshape Fitness Bootcamp in March 2014. It was mainly because I wanted to get back into fitness classes again. I was previously attending a bootcamp class but the instructor left the area and I was looking to find another class that I would enjoy. I wasn’t hugely overweight and people would always say that I didn’t need to lose weight but I didn’t feel good about myself especially when I went to try on clothes and all I could see was my muffin top!! I googled classes in my area and I came across Bodyshape Fitness Bootcamp. I phoned up and spoke to Garrie and before I knew it I had agreed to sign up for the 28 day transformation. I went for the weigh in and was shocked at how high my body fat was. I completed the 28 day transformation and was delighted with the results and meanwhile started attending 2 – 3 bootcamp classes per week. You can attend any of the locations that suit and all the instructors are really helpful. There’s no pressure and you can go at your own pace. I did a couple more 28 day transformations over a year or so when I felt I needed to get back on track but to be honest even though you can achieve amazing results it can be quite restrictive and I tended to go crazy on cheat days or when I was finished, having all the foods I was missing Then Garrie introduced the “macros plan” and that’s when I realised I could have the best of both worlds. The plan is tailored for each individual based on age, weight and height. Basically he calculates how many calories you need each day to maintain your weight then reduces that by 500. Within that figure you’re given targets for the amounts of proteins/fats/carbs then every 4th day you have a “refeed day” where you have an extra 500 cals. Basically you can eat whatever you want as long as you stay within your targets and once you don’t go over your maintenance levels you will still be losing weight. It takes a while to get in the swing of it and being honest I very rarely got all the macros exactly right but the main thing is to stay under the calories. So there’s no depriving yourself of anything and when you know you have a refeed day in a couple of days you can plan a treat. After 6 weeks you report back and are given new figures. I’ve have just completed 12 weeks now and lost 8lbs and dropped a dress size. I am so happy as this is a plan I know I can stick to. I still have occasional “fat days” when I feel bloated but this is usually because I’ve eaten something that doesn’t agree with me. But most of the time I’m happy when I look in the mirror and I’m learning not to feel guilty when I go over my calories. Using the app to track your food makes you think more about your food choices and you can decide if it’s worth having that cake or chocolate bar that will put you over by 200 calories. Some days of course it is!


I would highly recommend Bodyshape Fitness Bootcamp

I joined Bodyshape Fitness bootcamp about a year and a half ago now, really just to give my fitness a push and to meet some new people in my local area. The classes are great craic which helps to get through them as it’s a tough work out! Other than the classes themselves which are fantastic the support from the Facebook group, the trainers, Gary and the Team is truly exceptional. I have always been able to approach them with anything from fitness or physical goals to various health issues and we have come up with a plan to suit each time with exercises sometimes being modified to suit my goals at the time. At this stage I would say I have worked with nearly all of the trainers and they are all fantastic, each bringing their own unique style to the workouts. I would highly recommend Bodyshape Fitness Bootcamp for anyone looking to invest in themselves.


Thanks guys for all the help.

Here’s my journey so far. At the start of the year I was having some health issues and after my visit to the hospital, my sister decided to help me, in July she got me the 14 Day starter trial for my birthday. I loved it!! I was hooked straight away. I train with Martin 3 times a week and love the variety of each class and all the encouragement he gives. I am now down to the weight needed for going back to hospital in January. Last measurements I was down 17 inches all over. I am also off cigarettes over 6 months. I know I still have a long road ahead to get to where I want to be but I know it will happen. Thanks guys for all the help.


Thanks for helping me get myself back

Having just started my 3rd week I have to say I really enjoy each class. As soon as my 2 weeks were up I had to sign up for more! I’ve had three different trainers so far. Peter who is our regular trainer has been great and knows just when to push you which is great because I can be a bit lazy!! John also threw a really enjoyable class and I went to Leixlip yesterday and had the privilege of being trained by Emma- even if she did make us do 100 burpees! Over all the support and constant encouragement from Garrie, Tara and the trainers really helps to keep me interested and fighting for new goals. For something that was supposed to help me shed a few pounds before Christmas, it has turned into 3 nights a week I both dread and look forward to at the same time! I have recommended Bodyshape to anyone who will listen! Thanks for getting me out of the rut I was in after having my baby and helping me get myself back to myself!


I am never going back to bloated

I came home from holidays and was horrified looking at the photos, I couldn’t believe that was me!! Tried walking and weight watchers but nothing was changing so I called Garrie and signed up for the 14 day!! I saw huge improvements so I did the October 28 day and lost 12.5lbs and 10.5 inches! I have never eaten so well and felt so great that I signed up for the November 28 too!! All in all I’ve gone from bloated and sad to 20lbs lighter and 18 inches slimmer in 2 months!!! The support from Garrie, Tara and Aidan is top class!!! Classes are fun too and we get the job done!! My Diet is healthy!!! I am never going back to bloated and sad!!


My journey isn’t over yet

My name is Marie Kennedy and I am a long term member in bootcamp. I absolutely love it. I have battled with my weight for ever and have tried everything but have always put the weight back on. I wasn’t losing any weight at the beginning and it was only when Garrie suggested I do the 28 day transformation (over 2 years ago now) that it all started to click for me. I followed the programme and exercised 3 times a week and did 4 transformations back to back and I lost 3 stone. I was thrilled. I felt really good about myself for the first time in a very long time. I threw out all my fat clothes and bought lots of new clothes so there is no going back! I have kept it off in general for the first time ever. My journey isn’t over I still have a lot to lose but I’m doing it slowly. With the support from everyone in bootcamp….from Garrie and Tara, to all the fantastic trainers, to the great friends I have met along my journey… this works. It’s the first time ever that I haven’t given up.


Now if you really want to see the results of everyone above then Call now to get started 0868847843.

Yes, I'm Ready!

Yes, Garrie! I’m Ready To Kick Boring Workouts & Fad Diets To The Curb, AND Get In The Best Shape Of My Life – Right Now – With Bodyshape Fitness Indoor Bootcamp!

Yes Garrie! I’m ready to QUIT unrealistic diets plans.
Yes Garrie! I’m ready to FIT into my clothes again.
Yes Garrie! I’m ready to SHUT DOWN my fat hormones.
Yes Garrie! I’m ready for FUN workouts.
Yes Garrie! I’m ready to see RESULTS in 30 days.
Yes Garrie! I’m ready to get MOTIVATED.


I really want you to be 200% satisfied with bodyshapefitnessbootcamp, and I am fully confident you will be. But I want to remove all doubt from your mind, so I’m offering you this incredible guarantee.

If you are not fully happy with your results, having implemented all of the program – and convinced that bodyshapefitnessbootcamp did not work for you. I will refund you 200% of the money you paid!

​Yes Garrie! I’m ready for you to prove that BodyShape Fitness indoor Bootcamp is the right choice for me

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